As A Guest

SyFy Wire: Who Won The Week? with Aaron Sagers, Dany Roth, and Adam Swiderski

Kids Table Podcast with Kendra James and Matt Torpey

The DAP Podcast with Becky Chambers, Rollin Bishop, and Susana Polo

As A Co-Host

The DCOM Podcast with Rollin Bishop and Glen Tickle [Jul 15 to Feb 16]

The Geekosystem Podcast with Glen Tickle, Dan Van Winkle and Carolyn Cox [Oct 13 to Jul 14]

Below, a sample of The Geekosystem Podcast, in which we talked about toast sandwiches for a full hour.

 The Geekovengers (image credit Leigh Lahav)

The Geekovengers (image credit Leigh Lahav)

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